The Secrets of Pamukkale and Hierapolis - new guidebook

The Secrets of Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Lured by the glistening snow-white travertine terraces, thousands of tourists from all corners of the globe come to visit the famous World Heritage Site of Hierapolis-Pamukkale. For many of them, a walk along these terraces and a dip in the widely-advertised Ancient Pool are the highlights of the trip. However, the site has so much more to offer for all of the visitors who want to see and understand it more profoundly. The ruins of the ancient city known as Hierapolis are extensive, and their far-away corners are rarely seen by the tourists who hurry through the main sights. If you want to be sure that you did not overlook anything of interest during the time you spent at Hierapolis-Pamukkale site, this is the guidebook written for you.

By using this book as a handy travel guide, you will be able to tour the whole site and see all the spectacular sights, such as a grand Roman theatre, a splendid Gate of Domitian, and a spacious agora. Moreover, the book will take you to the less-known but equally fascinating structures related with the cult of St. Philip the Apostle, who, according to one legend was martyred by beheading in the city of Hierapolis. The other locations worth visiting are the old Greek theatre, overlooking the city from the slope of a hill, and the broad Frontinus Street. You will visit the extensive Northern Necropolis of the city and a smaller Eastern Necropolis that offers excellent views over the whole site. Finally, the tour will also lead you to the sacred complex of the Apollo Temple with the mysterious Plutonium.

The second part of this book offers an in-depth analysis of this complex and provides a wider background of Hierapolis history. It also gives some answers concerning the Plutonium and the cult of the underground deity known as Hades or Pluto. You will find out how Hierapolis has been a popular travel destination not for the last few decades but for hundreds of years. The travelogues written by the travellers of these past centuries are a fascinating read and enable us to glimpse not only into the past of the site but also into the minds of the early-modern era travellers.

Finally, the guidebook offers you lots of tips about the practicalities involved in the sightseeing of Hierapolis. There are plans of the site, information concerning ticket prices and opening hours. Moreover, there are four suggested sightseeing routes, customised for the travellers with different expectations: from the people who want to bathe and relax in the thermal waters to the hardcore ancient history enthusiasts who need to see every corner of the site.

"The Secrets of Pamukkale and Hierapolis. TAN Travel Guide" is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions as well as an ebook from Google Books.