Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne

TitleRiyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEfendi ABadi, Gündoğdu R, Adıgüzel N
Number of Volumes5
Number of Pages2200
PublisherTrakya University Publications
ISBN Number9789753741637
KeywordsEdirne, history
AbstractA historian, Ottoman poet, and also a good calligrapher Ahmet Badi Efendi’s Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne, is a city history that describes a lot of Balkan Cities within Trakya region that were left outside the border of our country today. Also it is a biographical work that consists of biographies of sufis, poets, calligraphers, musicians and scholars and the ruling class such as kadi, shayk al-islam, governors, viziers and sultans who have lived in this region. In the book, Edirne and the historic monuments such as surrounding mosques, masjids, islamic monasteries, the madrasas, the imarets, schools, markets, inns, hammams, churches, synagogues, fountains, bridges, and inscriptions on tombstones were recorded and all buildings are described in detail. It also gives examples of poems of the poets who grew in the region and the events related to the city’s history are discussed in detail. In the final section of the work, information is given about residential units of Edirne such as Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Dedeağaç and Gümülcine (Alexandroupolis and Komotini), boundaries ranging from Çatalca to Selanik (Thessaloniki), and the poets, scholars and Sufis are described. In the end of the last volume, the names of seventy-four settlements and their four thousand four hundred and seventy-four villages were added after joining Edirne. In this regard, it can easily be said that Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne has the feature of being an inventory of our culture and civilization history. Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne is the history of Edirne which is a product of Ahmet Badi Efendi’s sixteen years of work. Badi wrote this by adding the two hundred and sixty-seven years between 1633-1900, correcting and filling in the missing parts of one of the 17th century historians Abdurrahman Hıbri’s work called Enisü’l Müsamirin that describes Edirne between 1359-1633. "Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne", which was written by Ottoman historian and calligrapher Ahmed Efendi in the beginning of 20th century, is one of the most important resources about the province of Edirne, one of the most important cities of our civilization. It is an original work which forms the basis of city history researches depicting the history of Edirne and its environment, the monuments and the famous. Riyâz-ı Belde-i Edirne has been prepared and finished after four years of archive and transcription studies. This valuable work, of which we believe to be a primary resource for the researchers, is re-released as five volumes from Trakya University Publications.