From Constantine to Julian: Pagan and Byzantine Views

TitleFrom Constantine to Julian: Pagan and Byzantine Views
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsLieu S, Montserrat D
Number of Pages320
ISBN Number978-0415093361
KeywordsByzantine, Constantine, Edirne, Roman, sources
AbstractFrom Constantine to Julian provides students with important source material, covering an age of major transition in Europe; an age which saw the establishment of Rome as a Christian Empire and a period of recidivism under Julian. Texts included are the anonymous Origo Constantini^; Eumenius, Panegyric of 310; Byzantine life of Constantine; Libanius, oration 59; and the Passion of Artemius. Most of this material has not previously been translated into English: students will now have direct access to the most important sources for the period which is studied on courses in classical antiquity, early medieval Europe and ecclesiastical history.