The Janissaries

TitleThe Janissaries
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsNicolle D
Series TitleElite
Series Volume58
Number of Pages64
PublisherOsprey Publishing
ISBN Number978-1855324138
KeywordsEdirne, Janissaries, Ottoman
AbstractThe Janissaries comprised an élite corps in the service of the Ottoman Empire. It was composed of war captives and Christian youths pressed into service; all of whom were converted to Islam and trained under the strictest discipline. In many ways, Jannisaries reflected Ottoman society, which was itself dominated by a military elite and where there was much greater social mobility than in Europe. On top of this, the Turks looked upon Europe much as the early Americans viewed the Western Frontier – as a land of adventure, mission and opportunity. David Nicolle examines the history, organisation, weapons and uniforms of these élite Turkish troops.