Field Surveys in Ardahan in 2016

TitleField Surveys in Ardahan in 2016
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPatac─▒ S, Lafl─▒ E
Journal Anatolia Antiqua
Start Page281
Keywordsarchaeology, Ardahan
AbstractThe Turkish province of Ardahan situates in a relatively neglected area of archaeological research in northeastern Turkey. The dynamics of cultural development in this region at the northern frontier of the Near Eastern archaeology are still problematic, as its archaeology has so far received very limited attention, especially when compared with other borderlands in eastern Turkey and Transcaucasia. Our multi-period regional landscape surveys, begun in2013, aimed to analyze the existence of different archaeological communities and cultural regionalism Ardahan. Thus, the main scope of our survey season conducted in 2015 was to produce maps of surface features in Ardahan and to analyze a broad range of relationships concerning intensive stock farming and cultural development in ancient times.For widening archaeological horizons of this regionwe focused primarily on settlement patterns, regionalanalysis and landscape archaeology of the province Ardahan.