Faint Whispers from the Oracle - new book about Didyma

Faint Whispers from the Oracle

Faint Whispers from the Oracle. The archaeological environment surrounding the Temple of Apollo at Didyma offers a unique insight into the remarkable Greco-Roman archaeology which surrounds the Temple of Apollo at Didyma, the second most important oracular sanctuary in antiquity. The author has expunged the stuffy and meticulous language of the academicians to breathe vibrancy into the narrative which brings to light the complexities of both the ancient world and the ongoing conundrums afflicting the archaeological site today. This e-book has been designed to assist those venturing to Didyma to be able to follow the fascinating archaeology encircling the Temple upon their mobile devices.

This unique book contains 70 photographs and three detailed plans - of the archaeological site in Didyma, the Sacred Way, and the newly discovered ancient theatre of Didyma. There is also a bibliography for those of the readers who would like to deepen their knowledge about the archaeological and historical context of Didyma.

Originating from London, Glenn Maffia deeply appreciates that he was fortunate enough to have the availability of that city’s surfeit of magnificent and free, Museums and Art Galleries at his disposal throughout his youth. An opportunity he hungrily embraced. He attended Art School where he graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design, before later enrolling with the Open University, while he was working in the fledgeling computer industry. His interdisciplinary studies included; ‘Victorian Britain: An arts foundation course’, ‘Modern Art and Modernism’, ‘Art in Fifteenth Century Italy’, ‘The Enlightenment’, ‘Philosophy of the Arts’, ‘Culture and Belief in Europe 1450-1600’, ‘Art, Society and Religion’ and ‘Fifth Century Athens: Democracy and City State’. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree and a Diploma in European Humanities.

Glenn was first attracted to Didim in Turkey when seeing a solitary photograph of the Temple of Apollo upon the pages of a holiday brochure early in 1996. After his two week visit, which also saw him venture to Priene and Miletus, his interest was ignited enough for him to enquire further into the history of this tiny corner of the world nestling upon the Aegean Sea. Glenn emigrated to Didim in 2003, since when he has been a regular contributor and columnist for two English language local newspapers, the ‘Didymian’ (2005-2006) and ‘Voices’ (2006-present).

Faint Whispers from the Oracle. The archaeological environment surrounding the Temple of Apollo at Didyma can be purchased from Amazon and Google Books.