Cooperation with Balkan History Association

Cooperation with Balkan History Association We are happy to announce that Turkish Archaeological News has started the cooperation with the Balkan History Association (BHA). We intend to promote the knowledge concerning the archaeology and history of the Balkans and Anatolia, to increase the awareness of their significance for the European culture.

The Balkan History Association (BHA) is a non-profit, apolitical, independent organization that aims to develop and promote at both national and international levels the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the Balkan region, and, more generally, of South-East Europe. Their activities include the organization of both academic events—conferences and lecture series—and social meetings, the latter targeting a non-specialized, general audience. The information related to these, as well as any research output generated on these occasions, are advertised and published primarily through their website, or the associated Hiperboreea Journal.

Turkish Archaeological News is a website that was created in 2013 with the aim of providing news about the latest archaeological discoveries in Turkey and neighbouring regions. The project has been developed into a travel portal, dedicated to history buffs who happen to visit Turkey, searching for historical buildings, ancient ruins, and fascinating museums. TAN website publishes texts about such places as well as news concerning archaeological excavations and discoveries. All our texts are illustrated with original photos that TAN editorial team has taken during our travels around Turkey. We have been visiting this beautiful country regularly since 2004, and the website, as well as TAN Travel Guides, are the reflection of our ongoing fascination with Asia Minor. TAN also owns ASLAN Publishing House, an independent publisher established in 2005. We publish books, articles, and websites on the subjects such as history, archaeology, and tourism. Our primary areas of interest are Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean region.

Currently, Hiperboreea Journal has opened a call for papers with the deadline in December, 2018.